Star Anise                 Szchuan Peppercorn         Amomum tsao-ko               Shitake Mushroom              Rock Candy

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   Hibiscus Flowers               Bay Leaves                     Black Mushroom                 Oregano                         Safflower

    Chili Ancho                      Chili Pequin                      Crushed Chili                 Chili Powder                Paprika Powder

      Onion Slice                   Onion Chopped                Onion Minced              Onion Granulated               Onion Powder

    Garlic Flake      Garlic Chopped         Garlic Minced         Garlic Granulated         Garlic Powder

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Cumin Ground               Ginger Ground                Black Pepper Ground       White Pepper Ground

      Black Beans                       Azuki Beans            Green Mung Beans                 Fava Beans                   Yellow Beans

      Chili Japones                    Chili Yunnan                  Chili de Arbol                 Chili Guajillo                Paprika Pods

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     Chia Seeds                         Red Date                     Goji Berry                         Quinoa

    Blanched Peanuts          Red Skin Peanuts                Pumpkin Seeds                 Cumin Seeds               Sesame Seeds